My name is Lauren and I like things.
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The thing that bothered me the most about Robin Williams killing himself wasn’t that he was famous or that he played a huge part in the movies I watched growing up, it was that he was 63 and killed himself. It bothers me because I’m just barely 17 and I am at a battle with myself everyday. Everyone tells you that it’ll get better, easier to deal with and eventually you’ll want to live, but I’m 17 and I want to die now, what if I’m 63 and still feel the same way? I’m scared to be that old and still want to feel the way I feel now. By we’re just angels wanting to go home (via n4ughty-y)

I finally found a person who likes me and I’m going to end up fucking the entire thing up by saying the wrong thing all the time. Fuck me. I hate myself.

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Break a poet’s heart
So that the way
Sunlight reflects off of your hair
Can be immortalized.
Break a poet’s heart
So that it is impossible to forget
The dark hue of your eyes surrounded by swollen veins.
Break a poet’s heart
So that the sound of your laughter,
A substance as addictive as any drug,
Can be stored as a memory.
Break a poet’s heart
So that your voice
Replays in dreams
Perfectly preserved.
Break a poet’s heart
So that every pain you’ve inflicted
Minor or monumental
Can be molded into something
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